Organic CBD Oil Capsules

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Our CBD capsules contain the highest quality CBD oil and are easy to swallow. Our CBD oil comes from organic hemp from USDA certified organic lands. It’s grown and extracted using organic and healthy practices.

Benefit from the natural healing properties of CBD.

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All our CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. Their levels are below 0.03%. This is to ensure CBD oil capsules contain full-spectrum oil. However, since THC levels are so low, you won’t experience psychoactive effects (our CBD products won’t get you high).

We regularly test our capsules for purity and potency. We do that to ensure the health and safety of our customers. Transparency, premium quality, and purity of all our hemp oil products is something that we value extremely high.


Vegan 000-size capsules, hemp seed oil, CBD Oil
30 capsules 25mg each for a total of 750mg

Suitable For

Vegans and vegetarians


USDA-certified organic lands in Colorado, USA