Our Values


We don’t just want to sell a product. We want to sell a high-quality product that can positively impact people’s quality of life. That is why, our products derive from hemp grown on and sourced from USDA certified organic lands. Our practices are ethical and organic.


We aim to make sure that our customers know exactly where their products came from. We aren’t afraid to disclose this information because there’s nothing we need to hide.

Your product will come from exactly where it’s description says it does It’ll contain exactly at the label says it does. And you’ll receive exactly the same amount you’ve ordered and not a gram less.


We value the people around us and want to make a positive impact on their lives. Hemp products, such as CBD oil, have numerous health benefits. We believe that people should have an easy access to them regardless of where they are and how they prefer to shop.

Being Green

We are thankful for the changes that are currently happening in the nowadays society. More and more Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the foods and products they consume.

More people care not only about the quality of these products, but also about their impact on the environment. They are choosing more sustainable businesses with values that they can relate to.

We are proud that our values and company philosophy align with these and would like to see more American businesses follow them.