Our Story

Hopp and Hemp Co. was founded in October 2018 by Halitron Inc, a holding company.

We noticed that there was a gap with the industrialization of the hemp space.

We strongly believe in the positive effects that hemp can have on the human body. Because of that, we would like people to have an easy access to hemp products and enjoy their numerous health benefits. We want everyone to be able to easily find them either at their local stores or online.

Because of our experience in the professional corporate structure, we felt that we could use our knowledge to better the commercialization of hemp products.

That’s when our journey began.

But it wasn’t without any hurdles.

Our Challenges

At first, we faced sourcing problems. Hemp is still a relatively new market and limited information is available on the industry. Once we overcame that, product development was our next challenge. We also needed to find experienced and reliable personnel in the hemp industry.

Throughout this process, we built relationships with key people in the industry. This allowed not only Hopp and Hemp Co., but also us personally to evolve. We lost our naivety about the hemp industry. Yet, we acquired lots of knowledge in return.

We learned about the struggles of industrial hemp and how difficult this is for farmers. There are great opportunities for American farmers to build wealth and to profitably use their lands.

However, there is a lack of information and resources. We need more seeds, harvesting consultants, and other professionals.

We learned that hemp can’t just be used to produce CBD oil. There are many uses of hemp in the American markets, such as bedding, pet water and treats, salve, tinctures, and many more.

Our company is still in the budding stage. But we see lots of potential and possibilities in the future. We would like to contribute to the growing American movement of going green, reducing waste, and choosing organic produce. Basically, moving towards a more natural and cleaner society.

Both to improve our own health and to help our environment.